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“No Distance” Music

We are developing a company that combines music distribution and technology to allow independent artists to have direct control over their music including distribution, marketing, optimization,.. . to connect with millions of fans worldwide.

Supporting team

The team works directly with you on music distribution. And will support, advice release and copyright.

Developing team

Creating and developing tools to optimize the most stable distribution, marketing and catalog management.

Optimizing team

The team has many years of experience in optimizing social networking platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, digital music platforms.

DAO's service

Our company as an independent record label can envision this as: "hybrid management, record label, video production and marketing”

Music Distribution

We distribute music and video to worldwide digital stores, provide artists the ultimate solution to meet all requirements about digital music distribution.

Digital Marketing

We have quickly developed the leading music media system in Vietnam, reaching more than 37 million followers on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Music Production

Support music production, MV production for your music. Modern equipment, professional team products will reach high quality. In Vietnam, we support artists with production costs at DAO.

Technology Solution

We always update, build and develop solutions for the music industry such as: Dashboard, Smartlink, Product analytics, music-specific marketing tools.


We Are

Originally a music production team, we founded DAO Entertainment with the main orientation of becoming an independent record label specializing in distribution, production, media and artist management.

We’re having more than 3 years of experience in music distribution as well as more than 6 years of YouTube , Facebook experience in order to expand your reach and increase your revenue.